Billiard Cue Hard Case Dybior Classic Expert EX-4, red-black, 2/4, 85cm


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Billiard Cue Hard Case Expert EX-4, black-red, 2/4, 85cmSetRatioSize10050-Dybior

  • This bag provides a casted “Polyform” filling. It”s extreme durable, protects your cue against hits and variations in temperature. “Polyform” makes your bag much lighter than other comparable upholstered bags.
  • Sportive design
  • For 2 butts and 4 shafts
  • With a side handle
  • An adjustable, non-slip and cushioned shoulder strap on the back
  • With 2 accessory bags, one in XXL size to offer space for your whole equipment (suitable for jump-butts)
  • Coil springs inclusive for comfortable extraction of your cues

Producer: Dybior Classic Billiards

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