Stainless Steele file in wallet ‘SANDMAN’

27.01 18.79



  • This is truly a unique tip shaper and buffer
  • In a beautifully simple and elegant design this shaper is made of stainless steel and a unique patented sanding material
  • The material has been specifically designed to offer effective sanding whilst reducing any affect the process has on the shaft from the vibrations and rigorous nature of the process.
  • The Sandman really helps keep your cue tip in perfect shape.
  • Made in Sweden the shaper includes a genuine leather pouch pictured and a leather burnishing tool.
  • A great item for anyone in the business or alternatively a perfect gift for any cue player.
  • Will shape and roughen your tip again and again with the same ease at all times, and this for years!

Material: stainless steel, leather

Producer: Sandman, Swedish

Availability: at stock



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