Buffalo Premium Pool Cue No: 10 – 145cm/13 mm




  • Improves Control and Feel
  • Shaft: Regular Deflection
  • American Style Professional Taper
  • Quality Controlled
  • The joint provides maximum contact between the butt and shaft providing a solid hit which generates extra reliable feel with every shot
  • Perfect for the average player who wants to improve their game
  • The Buffalo Premium Series uses specially selected birds-eye maple, combined with exotic hardwood inlays and rings to offer unmatched value for money
  • With the new Premium 10 Buffalo managed to make a tight black cue which nevertheless has a striking design.
  • The forearm is of ebony with spliced birds-eye maple wood (North America), inlaid with diamonds in pearl.
  • This combination is reflected in the butt sleeve.
  • Both the Premium 10 and Premium 11 is equipped with a sports grip rubber, framed by extra thick nickel rings.
  • The steel joint is finished in gloss and framed by two rings in nickel.
  • Well suited for the advanced player who wants to take his game to the next level.
  • The Buffalo Premium series is made of selected birds-eye maple wood from North America, a very high quality wood with a nice wave drawing.
  • Furthermore, these cues are enriched with inlays of exotic hardwoods in varying combinations.
  • Great value for money!

Material:  stainled maple wood (AAA quality) , stainless steel

Availability: In stock

Producer: Buffalo, Netherlands

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