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  • Unrivalled in its price range is our model Bear-BC-12.
  • It combines outstanding workmanship with excellent playability.
  • Its perfect balance comes from the carefully picked Canadian bird’s-eye maple wood.
  • A pleasing wood grain gives it a modest and noble look.
  • For protection from scratches and damaging effects it features a high tech polish.
  • A solid fiber ferrule and a premium 13 mm Thomas adhesive leather tip provides the best conditions for precise cue ball control.
  • The original Irish-Linen-Wrap makes the cue comfortable to play with.
  • It comes with the innovative and patented Uni-Loc precision joint system, which connects the shaft and the butt perfectly and provides the stability for accurate shots.
  • This Model comes with a soft bag, joint protectors and a certificate.
  • Suitable weight screws can be found within cue accessories.
  • Shaft:
  • Pro-Taper-Shaft
  • High tech polish
  • Fiber ferrule
  • 13 mm Thomas adhesive leather tip
  • Uni-Loc-Joint
  • Butt :
  • Canadian bird’s-eye maple wood
  • High tech polish
  • Irish-Linen-Wrap grip
  • Soft-bag, joint protectors, certificate included
  • Weight screws available

Available for consultation and direct purchase in our showroom:

BC Řipská, Řipská 24, Praha 3

Material:  Canadian bird’s-eye maple wood, high-tech polish

Availability: In stock delivery within 3 working days

Producer: BEAR Custom Cues, USA

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