Billiard Cue Fury Chevalier ZS-02 black, True-Loc


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Billiard Cue Fury Chevalier ZS-02  black, True-Loc

  • shaft
  • made of well selected maple-wood
  • 12,75 mm tip Tiger Everest
  • logo FURY
  • high-polished stainless steel joint
  • 5/16×18 thread
  • silver inlay Rings
  • cue inclusive joint protector
  • True-Loc
  • The Fury ZS series has a very good price to performance ratio whilst not compromising design and quality.
  • Hand selected North Canadian maple wood, impressively assembled gives it durable form stability.
  • It has the typical Fury look with lots of attention to detail like outstanding forms and colours.
  • The shaft is made from well hardened maple and features a solid fiber ferrule and a Tiger Everest tip.
  • A PU sport grip perfectly supports the cue control and gives the player a comfortable playing feeling.
  • For an accurate connection the cue comes with a true loc precision joint.
  • Collar and butt cap are made from stainless steel.
  • Shaft:
  • Canadian maple wood
    fiber ferrule
    12,75 mm Tiger Everest tip
  • Butt:
  • collar and butt cap made of stainless steel
    true loc precision joint
    PU sport grip
    inclusive joint protectors

Available for consultation and direct purchase in our showroom:

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Material:  maple wood, stainless steel

Availability: In stock

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