Billiard cue Players C-944, Implex Joint, Pool



Billiard cue Plyers C-944, Implex Joint, Pool


  • The Cue is made of top-quality curly maple
  • Black and white combination
  • Its top quality, hand picked materials guarantee maximum straightness.
  • A patented stabilizer and a special coating protect the wood from deformations caused by atmospheric changes.
  • It glides very smoothly through your fingers.
  • For a comfortable feel and optimal ball control it features a top quality Le Pro tip and a very durable High Impact Ferrule.
  • 13mm, 100% Grade “A” North American Hard Rock Maple Shaft with Pro Taper
  • Tiger maple with detailed accents and ornaments
  • Irish linen wrap
  • 13 mm Le Pro tip
  • Slimline Implex butt cap
  • Implex Joint with stainless steel 5/16×18 Pin
  • Length: 148 cm
  • Classically-styled black Maple forearm and butt with white and black rings, solid black double-pressed Irish linen wrap, Implex joint and butt cap. The top-quality wood is hand-picked by seasoned craftsmen, turned and dried seven times to ensure maximum straightness later on. A patented stabilizer protects it from atmospheric changes.
  •  The pro taper features a high-gloss “super finish” and literally glides through the fingers, giving you much better, smoother strokes. A very durable high-impact ferrule and the high-quality “Le Pro” tip ensure optimal energy transfer to the cue ball. The grip, equipped with a double-pressed Irish Linen wrap gives it a very comfortable feel.

Producer: Players Cues

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