Billiard Cue pyramid Cuetec Spike CSP-2, black, 3/8×14, Pyramid



Billiard Cue pyramid Cuetec Spike CSP-2 black, 3/8×14, Pyramid
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  • It is made from strong Canadian maple wood and comes with a C.M.F. fiberglass sealing. This makes the cue keep its shape and enhances the durability.
  • Design gives it an elegant look and feel.
  • Steel ferrule
  • The cue features a 3/8 x 14 stainless steel thread to connect shaft and butt.
  • shaft:
  • maple wood
  • 13mm tip
  • steel ferrule
  • C.M.F. Coating
  • butt:
  • special sealing against humidity
  • metal thread
  • rubber bumper
  • weight from 680 to 740 gr

Material:  stainled maple wood, silver, blue and black colours

Material:  hardwood

Availability: at stock available

Cuetec cues were founded in 1989 and almost overnight a success. With original designs and new technologies Cuetec literally reinvented the billiard cue – never losing focus to a very good price performance ratio. Many professional players trust in Cuetec cues, including the multiple World Champion Shane Van Boening. Hundreds of great titles, including nine World Championships were won with Cuetec cues – this shows that Cuetec’s concept is exactly right. No other manufacturer invests as much in research and technologies for cues and shafts. Cues are available in different styles with many different colours, finishes, designs and technologies in order to please everyone”s taste.

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