Harrows Fire C 18 gr soft tip dart set – 90% premium tungsten



Harrows Fire C soft tip dart set – 18 gr – 90% tungstenHarrows Dart Logo(1)

  • Set of 3 soft tips darts Harrows Fire type C
  • Using a unique production technique, fire darts are made using the highest grade, super fine tungsten powder that is compressed and sintered at over 3150 Celsium degree.
  • The barrel then undergoes a double thermal exposure of the Vapour Deposition
  • The resulting billets are then precision machined into radical  barrel profiles.
  • The final process is a laser marking of our unique flame designe
  • Process which creates an ultra durable, two tone coating
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 40.00 mm
    Width: 6.80 mm
    Material: Sintered Blackened Tungsten 90%

Producer: Harrows, England

Availability: at stock

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