Harrows Super Grip 18 gr soft tip dart set – 90% tungsten



Harrows Super Grip soft tip dart set 3 pcs  18 gr – 90% tungstenHarrows Dart Logo(1)

  • Harrows ICE Zero Soft Tip Tungsten Darts
  • Made from 90% tungsten, Harrows Super Grip darts are designed for advanced players that require a more severe grip for consistent release.
  • They come complete with robust flight and Super Grip shafts.
  • Undestroyable 90% pure tungsten barrel
  • Black super grip shafts
  • Package of 3 darts; each dart weighs 18 grams
  • Versatile soft tip with 2BA threads
  • 90% pure tungsten is fused with iron, nickel and zinc. It is then cold extruded and reverse cut to create a uniform barrel of unrivalled concentricity and balance.
  • Featuring Supergrip shafts
  • Warning – Darts is an adult sport. It is dangerous for children to play without supervision.
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 46.00 mm
    Width: 6.20 mm
  • Flight : Super Grip 1700
  • Shaft: Supergrip

Material: 90% tungsten

Producer: Harrows, England

Availability: at stock

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