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Billiard cloth and billiard balls are the most important part of your billiard table!

Did you know that Iwan Simonis:

  • is carefully and precisely woven cloth produced from very fine combed wool yarn
  • is the cloth, which prevents undesired effect on the ball’s rotation
  • is the cloth, which actually improves the surface of slate
  • provides a precise and perfect playing surface
  • is resistant to abrasion, tears, stains and damage
  • is extremely durable and has a 3x longer life than other cloth
  • is truly the Cloth of Champions
  • saving your operational costs
  • is colorfast

Did you know that Aramith:

  • are the billiard balls made by a unique technology of phenolic resin
  • lasts up to 5 times longer than other balls made of polyester
  • are guaranteed the same weight in the set
  • each ball is hand inspected before leaving the factory
  • are used in all tournaments around the world
  • are extremely smooth and shiny
  • are abrasion resistant
  • 80% of billiard balls used worldwide come from the production of company Saluc / Aramith

Everything what you need to know about IWAN SIMONIS billiard cloth, ARAMITH billiard balls and other billiard accessories you can find here.

Brands that present and offer for sale are well known and used for more than 20 years in our billiard club.

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