Setup tool “Ultimate Ball Rack Pro”, PVC, 2 pcs, white, Pool



Setup tool “Ultimate Ball Rack Pro”, PVC, 2 pcs, white, Poollogoclassic56cd91a75800657638fc15a215

  • Durable 9&10 Ball Rack
  • Perfectly Tight Rack
  • Reduces Cloth Wear
  • Special Grade Plastic
  • Thickness 0.14mm
  • Best Value for Money
  • The extremely thin SmartBall Rack provides a perfectly tight 9-ball and 10-ball rack every time it is used!
  • It is specifically engineered to hold the balls in place before the break; while offering minimal interference once the balls have been split!
  • Succeed with every break!
  • This innovative setup tool in the form of a punched stencil ensures a gapless grouping of the billiard balls.
  • The Smart Ball Rack is easy to handle and eliminates interferences caused by a poor setup without effecting the natural run of the balls.
  • Suitable for 8-, 9-, and 10-ball billiard, with 57.2 mm balls.
  • Recommended by Deutsche Billard-Union E.V.

 Material: durable PVC- white/transparent colour

Manufacturer: Classic Billiards – import Dynamic, Germany

Availability: In stock

Price for package 2 pcs.  


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