Kamui Original Cue Tip Medium 13mm




Kamui Original  Cue Tip  Medium – 13 mm

  • Professional Laminated Tip
  • 10 Layers of Pigskin Leather
  • Adds Grip & Consistency
  • Good Balance: Spin/Momentum
  • Excellent Chalk Retention
  • Decreased Mushrooming
  • Density Score: 83.4 (Medium)
  • Kamui Original tips have become well known for adding grip and consistency to the ability of a cue
  • Consisting of 10 layers of laminated pigskin leather; the unique production process maintains high porosity in the pigskin, allowing it to grip onto chalk better compared to other tips
  • Suitable for most conditions and provides a good balance between cue-ball spin and its momentum
  • Kamui Original offer more consistent playability than any other tip on the market! Sold individually.

Types of hardness:  Kamui (SS) Super Soft (S) Soft, (M) Medium

Produced by:  Kamui Tips, Japan

Material: 100% pigskin leather

Price for 1 piece.

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