Billiard cue carom Raymond Ceulemans HQ-WL05


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Billiard cue carom Raymond Ceulemans HQ-WL05

  • Cue with signature of Raymond Ceulemans®
  • Including certificate of Raymond Ceulemans®
  • Including one HQ-67 A-Grade maple shaft
  • Diameter shaft 11 mm
  • Weight: 490 gr


  • carefully selected maple wood
  • 12 layer Artemis cue tip glued
  • RC ferrrule profi

Butt: without grip

Joint: wooden joint

Raymond Cuelemans  cue named after the legendary carom player. With geometric patterns on black and high gloss lacquer and UV finish. The whole is made of maple wood. The classic wooden carom thread provides maximum contact between the two parts of the cue, offering superior gaming features. Wooden handle. Raymond Cuelemans HQ cues combine good gaming features and classic design for maximum gameplay.

Extra quality cue, medium hard.

Available for consultation and direct purchase in our showroom:

BC Řipská, Řipská 24, Praha 3

Material: maple wood AAA quality

Availability: In stock

Producer: Artemis Billiard

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