Buffalo Dominator Pool Set No: 1 – 145cm/13 mm


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  • Play with Extra Confidence
  • SCT Ferrule: Improves Control
  • Dynamic Shock Protection Grip
  • Shaft: Regular Deflection
  • American Style Professional Taper
  • Good Value for Money
  • A revolutionary new design in cues, the Buffalo Dominator combines sporty looks with the latest available cue technology.
  • The mirror finished stainless steel joint is bracketed by 2 nickel silver rings and provides maximum contact between the butt and shaft, which produces a solid hit.
  • This cue uses our patented Shape Charge Technology (SCT) ferrule.
  • Just below the tip there is a Carbon Fibre Energy Plate which helps transfer the kinetic energy of the cue deeper into the cue-ball with less effort.
  • In combination with the 8 layered Maestri tip, the SCT ferrule provides extra confidence and feel when playing every stun shot.
  • Buffalo Dominator cues use a special ‘Dynamic Shock Protection Grip’ which absorbs all vibrations to give a strong and steady hand. Dominate each and every game of pool!
  • 100% quality guarantee

Available for consultation and direct purchase in our showroom: BC Řipská, Řipská 24, Praha 3

Material:  stainled maple wood (AAA quality) , stainless steel

Availability: at stock

Producer: Buffalo, Netherlands


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