Loose Aramith Premium cue ball 57,2 mm white + blue logo



Loose Aramith Premium Cue ball  57,2 mm white with blue Aramith logo Aramith

  • Loose single ball to complete original set Aramith Premium set
  • The cue ball known around the world for its distinctive Aramith logo, the symbol that means quality in billiards.
  • Aramith Unique Phenolic Resin
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Perfectly Rounded and Balanced
  • Prolonged Longevity
  • Lengthens Cloth Life
  • High Quality Standards
  • Money Saving Investment
  • This loose Aramith  ball is made from unique phenolic resin
  • Designed in the Aramith laboratories
  • Reducing table cloth wear and lengthening cloth life!
  • Tests show Aramith phenolic balls withstand over 50 times more impacts than polyester balls
  • They are also twice more scratch-resistant!

To clean, use Aramith ball  Cleaner .

Producer: SALUC/ARAMITH, Belgium

Availability: In stock

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