Billiard balls PYRAMID Super Aramith Pro Cup, 67 mm


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Pyramid Super Aramith Pro Cup 67 mmAramith

  • ARAMITH balls for billiard game – Russian pyramid.
  • Includes yellow ball with red dots
  • The maximum accuracy in a robust design.
  • The official ball of the pyramid WM.
  • Aramith quality standards.
  • Excellent game features.
  • Benefits Aramith balls:
  • Precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency within the set.
  • The preferred set used worldwide in tournaments and championships due to their uncompromising quality.
  • Special hardened ceramic surface having a very high density with exceptional resistance to scratching and impact.
  • Extra durable smooth surface that minimizes damages on  cloth and balls.
  • Long life!
  • The highest quality of phenolic resin!

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Manufacturer: Saluc / ARAMITH, Belgium

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