Billiard balls SNOOKER Aramith Premier 52,4 mm, 22 balls per set




  • Although less wear-resistant than the Super Aramith sets, the Aramith Premier sets still offer a lifetime up to 5 times longer than other billiard balls.
  • Aramith quality standards
  • Outstanding gaming qualities
  • Contaminant-free phenolic
  • Produced of different colors
  • Not printed numbers in the stripe” look and tight cosmetic criteria
  • It is the perfect compromise between quality and price
  • Phenolic resin with far better resistance longevity than polyester
  • High quality standards for 8 criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight.
  • Ball diameter: 52.4 mm

Made  of Aramith Phenolic – Phenolic resin

To clean balls use  Aramith ball Cleaner.

Manufacturer: Saluc / Aramith, Belgium

Availability: In stock delivery within 3 working days

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