Buffalo billiard cloth spray glue 500 ml



Buffalo billiard cloth spray glue 500 ml

  • Easy to use and even glue application thanks to the nozzle
  • Suitable for all kinds of Simonis cloth to stick to the billiards table
  • Very strong and reliable
  • Buffalo brand quality
  • Buffalo Spray Glue is a very strong glue for many materials – plastics, textiles, billiard cloth, paper, fiberglass, glass, wood, etc.
  • The adjustable nozzle allows the glue to be sprayed onto differently shaped surfaces – flat and oval
  • The glue does not contain harmful substances damaging to health, however, it is recommended to work in a well-ventilated room
  • The surface to be bonded must be clean, dry, free from dirt and grease
  • Shake bottle before use
  • To keep the glue well, spray both glued sides
  • Allow the glue to dry for a short time, then press it against the glued surface
  • Drying time is about 2 minutes in an environment around 20 degrees Celsius
  • After use, store the rest of the bottle in a dry and cool place
  • Do not expose the sun to a temperature higher than 27 degrees

Producer: Buffalo, Netherlands

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