Billiard chalk Blue KAMUI 1,21 Beta 1pcs



Billiard chalk Kamui 1.21 BETA – 1 pcs 

  • Excellent chalk  made by prestigious Japanese company Kamui
  • Each chalk is in a separate sealed pack
  • The new advanced development and even better composition rank this chalk into the best in the billiard world
  • It contains much finer particle size than standard chalk
  • The purpose is to maximize the friction
  • Chalk offers very good contact with the cue that  generates great rotation of billiard ball
  • Minimizes the possibility of scue slip (billiard howler)
  • Kamui Chalk  increases your  playing confidence
  • For precise cue ball controll
  • Price per pack of 1 pc.

Manufacturer: Kamui, Japan

Availability: In stock delivery within 3 working days


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