Billiard chalk Kamui ROKU 6



Billiard chalk Kamui ROKU 6

  • ROKU was developed because of the necessity to use the full potential of KAMUI tips in order to make players’ visions into realities. The new possibilities created by a larger cue ball sweet spot pulls unrecognized skills out into the open.
  • The chalk project began because chalk is the critical addition needed to realize the full performance of tips.
  • In order to use the full potential of KAMUI tips, the chalk used needs to be same or better quality. During thousands of trials, the necessity of iterative improvement was discovered.
  • From the beginning, there were three main objectives of this project. The first objective is to ensure high quality chalk,which has grip power, adhesion, and solidity, since those are the most important performance factors. The second is the concept of “hexagonal close-packed structure”. The third is that it has to be hexagonal shape to symbolize the close-packed structure concept.
  • After a long development period since the release of 0.98 and 1.21, the chalk exemplifying the target criteria has been created. From the development objectives and concept, it is named “ROKU”. In Japanese, it means hexagon.

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