Moori III. Cue Tip Medium 14mm



MOORI III. Medium 14 mm – cue tip 

  • Professional Laminated Tip
  • 14 Layers of Pigskin Leather
  • Improved Gripping Ability
  • Greater Shot Consistency
  • Medium Hit with Medium Pace
  • Decreased Mushrooming
  • Excellent Chalk Retention
  • Density Score: 75.5 (Medium)
  • Moori III tips are one of the most popular tips on the market today and are used by many professional players all around the world.
  • They consist of 14 layers of laminated pigskin leather which greatly improves cue-ball gripping ability; they also retain chalk better and last longer compared to any other tip

Moori tips are 100% the best cue tip in the world.
Sold individually!

Produced by:  Moori Cue Tips, Japan

Material: 100% pigskin leather

Price for 1 piece.

Availability: on stock

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