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SIMONIS POOL 760 OUTDOORsimonis-logo (Duplicate) Water (moisture) and dirt cannot get a hold on the dense weave of the Simonis billiard cloths. Thanks to the dense weave, dirt and chalk dust cannot penetrate the fabric and the braided worsted ensures that the fabric is naturally resistant to moisture and dirt. The fabric therefore lasts longer and is also easy to clean. See also Simonis X-1. Iwan Simonis has developed a special cloth for tables that are, for example, in the open air (outdoors). The Simonis outdoor cloth is a (760) pool cloth that has been treated as a coated cloth and has also been given a UV-resistant coating. This billiard cloth is perfectly suited to all types of weather. Thanks in part to its UV-resistance, the colour remains constant and the cloth remains taut. It does not absorb water, which makes it efficient for use in rain or snow. Simonis 760 outdoor cloth is available as standard in widths of 165 and 195 cm in petrol blue. Availability: In stock externally delivery within 7 working days Producer: Iwan Simonis S.A., Belgium

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