Cue Chalk, Sniper Contact, Blue


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Cue Chalk, Sniper Contact, Blue

  • The new, hard Contact version of the sniper chalk is the solution!
  • It joins the superb features of the classic, soft sniper chalk with them of the good old chalks that many billiard players love so much.
  • It even squeaks a little like them.
  • Due to 90% less Blueing your shaft, ferrule, cloth and balls rarely need to be cleaned.
  • Not having to use aggressive cleaning substances or methods that often, the live expectancy is significantly increased.
  • In addition, your clothes gloves and hands stay cleaner.
  • Optimal chalk adhesion: 15-20 hits without rechalking
  • Practical rip strip for optimal chalk usage
  • 90% less Blueing allows for significantly less cleaning of the shaft, balls, table(cloth)

Producer: Dynamic, Germany

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