Laperti Lavis carom cue set no.1


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Laperti Lavis billiard cue natural with UV print including case

  • The Laperti Lavis 1 billiard cue comes with a black Laperti cue case.
  • This stylish billiard cue has a natural maple butt with a sleek UV print in black below and above the natural grip.
  • The butt of the Laperti billiard cue is made of maple, has a length of 72 cm and is equipped with a 19 mm black plastic butt cap with a gold-colored decal Laperti logo.
  • The two-piece Laperti Lavis billiard cue has a total length of 141 cm.
  • The Laperti Lavis billiard cue has a wooden joint (wooden screw connection), a 25 mm black plastic joint collar and a 10 mm ferrule.
  • The shaft of the Laperti Lavis billiard cue is made of solid maple and has a length of 69 cm.
  • The tip has a diameter of 11.5 mm for a cue with a weight of 480-490 grams and 12 mm for a weight of 500-540 grams.
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