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Billiard cloth SIMONIS PRECISHOT® cushion cloth – 16 cm width stripssimonis-logo

Specific cushion cloths for carom have always been part of the Simonis products, In spite of these specific cushion cloths most markets and clients have been keeping using our reference cloth Simonis 300 Rapide on the cushions because a regular care and maintenance allow the cushion cloth to perform at the best.

However if the Simonis 300 Rapide on the cushions is not maintained often and properly, logically just like for all cloths brands made principally out of wool the cushion performance is progressively decreasing (shorter).

For that reason the company Iwan Simonis  have been investigating for more than one year about the development of a new specific cushion cloth for carom which composition without any wool content would allow a constant performance and rebound and a persistent spin retention on the cushions even in case of a certain lack of maintenance and care.

This prototype cushion cloth has been tested during several months by amateur and professional players alike but always in association with the Simonis 300 Rapide cloth on the bed/slate.

The results of these multiple testings are unanimous and conclusive : this new cushion cloth assures a constant rebound and a persistent spin retention while the Simonis 300 Rapide cloth on the bed remains second to none with its unrivalled characteristics : accurate, fast, burn mark resistant and silent.

Knowing the today environment we have consequently decided to commercialize this new cushion cloth for carom which is called Simonis PRECISHOT®.

In association with Simonis 300 Rapide on the bed it’s the perfect combination.

Iwan Simonis carom cloth PRECISHOT is specially suited for coating carom cushions.

Availability: on stock with delivery in 3 working days

Recommended consumption by using a combination SIMONIS 300RAPIDE on the bed and SIMONIS PRECISHOT® 16 cm/width on the cushions:

Carom 210 x 105 – 2.50 m bed SIMONIS 300 RAPIDE + 7.10 meters PRECISHOT®
Carom 284 x 142 – 3.12 m bed SIMONIS 300 RAPIDE + 9.70 meters PRECISHOT®

Cushion cloth SIMONIS PRECISHOT® will be delivered according to the wishes already precut on the size of your table and in the same color as the cloth SIMONIS 300 RAPIDE.

Availability: at stock

Producer: Iwan Simonis, Belgium

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