Characteristics of Simonis cloth


Simonis cloth’s tight weave naturally repels liquid spills and stains.

The tight weave prevents penetration of dirt and chalk dust, and the twist of the worsted threads allow the fabric to naturally resist liquid spills and stains, thus greatly increasing the fabric’s life as well as making it easy to clean.

Stain Resistant?

Some cloths have recently entered the market with a “new” feature…  spill resistance. These cloths have been chemical processed or coated to achieve the ability to resist liquid spills. Unfortunately, chemical treatments reduce the accuracy and predictability of billiard cloth, thus negatively impacting your game. In addition, chemicals in the cloth alter the cloth’s elasticity and will typically need to be re-stretched within the first few months after initial installation.

But is spill resistance really a new feature?

Resisting liquid spills has always been a part of Simonis cloth. Simonis cloth naturally repels liquids because we use the finest worsted wool, an optimal thread count and a proprietary manufacturing process. This keeps liquids from penetrating the cloth and allows spills to be cleaned up quickly without staining or damaging the playfield.  Doubling up? Certain cloths are available with “stain guard” from the factory. However, some dealers are offering to put additional “stain guard” on cloths that have already been treated. If you feel you must have stain guard on your cloth, make sure you are not getting double-charged for the privilege. (Oh, and good luck getting your table spot to stick on Teflon® treated cloth)

The hallmark of Simonis cloth is its perfect accuracy and precision.

Smooth, even threads assure a consistent speed, English and cushion rebound. High wool content worsted thread construction takes ball spin more consistently and helps reduce ball burns.  This precise construction provides outstanding accuracy and consistency which is why Simonis has remained the choice for tournament play for generations.

ISO Certification: Iwan Simonis meets the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2000 certification for the production and sale of our billiard cloths, reinforcing our commitment to continually improving the quality of our products. In addition, Simonis conducts regular dynamometric tests to maintain the tolerances of extension, elasticity, thickness and abrasion of our cloth. These tests ensure the consistent quality of Iwan Simonis cloths, a fact you will be able witness on your table.

Simonis cloth is specially woven and sheared specifically so the direction of the ball is not affected by the cloth. Our special manufacturing processes make the difference.

Simonis cloth is smooth and true.

Simonis Cloth starts with very fine combed wool yarn. This long-fiber wool is then tightly-twisted and woven (the worsted wool process) into cloth. Then it is specially sheared perfectly flat and finally finished in a tradition of craftsmanship that our mill in Verviers, Belgium, pioneered and has refined for over three centuries. The result is a beautiful precision cloth that achieves the smoothest, most accurate and most consistent play surface available.

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