The green story of Simonis

A new twist on an old thread…

When Iwan Simonis started to become increasingly popular in the U.S. market in the early 80’s, the typical color for cloth in commercial rooms was a blue-green color, commonly referred to as American green or traditional green.

In order to make it clear that a room was using something different, we offered our yellow-green cloth to the commercial rooms. The yellow-green cloth is brighter than the blue-green cloth and it was apparent at a glance that the tables were covered in something different. As years passed, players and room owners began to use the term “Simonis Green” to tell people what color cloth they were referring to.  Today,  Simonis Green is what we call our yellow green billiard cloth.

Simonis Green has new meaning

Environmentally responsible manufacturing.  Available from Simonis. 

Green manufacturing is becoming important to consumers in more and more countries around the world. It is a responsibility of leading manufacturers like Simonis to embrace the concept of green manufacturing and to find ways to reduce consumption of energy as well as reduce waste associated with the manufacturing process.

While many cloth manufacturers in developing countries are not concerned with the principles of green manufacturing, Iwan Simonis is an environmentally conscious manufacturer and is also considered to be a low environmental impact company.

Belgium is a member of the Kyoto Protocol and Iwan Simonis S.A. is committed to reduce our energy consumption for manufacturing by 10% in order to reduce electrical consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, Simonis utilizes state-of-the-art high-efficiency units to heat the manufacturing facilities, we pre-treat our water used in manufacturing before sending it on to the local water treatment facility, we use recyclable packaging materials, and we encourage and facilitate the recycling of all manufacturing waste products.

Simonis cares about the billiard world, and we care about our entire world.
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