Simonis supports the billiard sport

Who is who in the billiard world…

For several decades Iwan Simonis S.A. of Belgium has sponsored some of the world’s top players in a number of sports and was indeed one of the pioneers in adopting this approach linking player and manufacturer.

This close cooperation enables us to keep constant touch with the opinions of users of our cloths (the players), and to take account any comments they may have regarding our products. We are able to count on the valuable opinion of prestigious players such as:




To all annual World Championships 9-Ball since 1992 and many other World Pool Championships (Men and Women).
To the Mosconi Cup and all Matchroom events since 1996.
To the European Pocket Billiards Federation (EPBF) for all its European Championships and all the Eurotours.
To the major Men Professional Pool events in USA and Canada : US Open, ESPN Challenge of Champions and all ESPN events, Derby City Classic …
To the WPBA for the Women Professional Tour (USA).
To the Asian Games since 1998.
To the South East Asian Games since 1997.
To the Asian 9-ball Tour in since 2003.
To the UMB Worldcup 3-cushion.
To the European Carom Billiards Confederation (CEB) for all its official championships and tournaments.
To the Panamerican Confederation of Billiard (CPB).
To the Russian Pyramid World Championship since 2000.
Acknowledged by various national federations.
No billiard cloth has ever been so unanimously acknowledged !

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